“A Matter of Faith has a message that is highly relevant and desperately needed for America today. AIG doesn’t endorse many movies, even those that are supposedly “Christian” based. We are fully behind A Matter of Faith as it defends the authority of the Bible beginning in Genesis.”
–Ken Ham, Answers In Genesis

“A clash of worldviews puts a spotlight on the creation-evolution debate in this captivating film. A committed Christian dad, a doubting daughter, and a charismatic liberal professor stir up a lot of tension and intrigue on campus. It has solid Biblical principles and a gripping plot. Kudos to the Christianos for another outstanding family-friendly film..”
–Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

“A Matter of Faith is actually essential viewing for any parent intending to send a child to college because it highlights the real world problems they will encounter. If they lose their faith, don’t say you weren’t warned!”
Gary Bates, CEO, Creation Ministries International, CREATION.com

“A great movie. Heart-warming, educational, God-honoring, and timely.”
–Ray Comfort, Living Waters Ministries

“I watched the movie last night. WOW! It was amazing. I was engaged the whole time.”
–Arnie Baganz, President, Creation Science Society of Milwaukee

“Every believer needs to see “A Matter of Faith” to challenge us in our faith and our boldness to not be ashamed of the Gospel and to be prepared to give the Hope of what we have. Every seeker needs to see this movie as it answers the questions we might have about the truth of the Gospel. In fact everyone, churched or unchurched, should see this movie as it touches so many areas of ones life and faith.”
Phil Newberry, Pastor, Bellevue Arlington, Arlington, Tennessee

“Thought provoking and very relevant–“A Matter of Faith” is movie of reality for believers as well as non-believers.”
–Dave Pizio, Elmsdale Church of the Nazarene, Canada

“A Matter of Faith has something for everyone of every age at whatever stage of life they are in. This movie is able to reach people who are struggling with their faith, in a way that most Christian movies can not. This movie also provides encouragement to continue the daily Christian walk which often has mountains and valleys, and if we are not careful, we can lose our way without realizing it right away. This is a must film for all.”
–Andrew Ammons, President, Earthen Vessels

“What a wonderful movie! Well done! My wife & I were moved by the story, and the Gospel truths and message delivered in the film.”
–Pastor Albert Feliciano, Middletown, NY

“We were greatly blessed by the film. I found it to be refreshingly focused and fully substantive on message.”
–Joe Shakour, Senior Pastor, Wilson, NC

“I just saw the movie and it is great!!! Thanks for making a good quality movie and the gospel being clear. I also love the creativity in the story line.”
–Pastor Dennis Sherman, Irvine Community Church, Irvine, CA

“After viewing the movie, I am excited to spread the word. The truth of the Gospel is clearly presented throughout.”
–David Mason, Associational Missionary, Benton, AR

“What a blessing! A sweet story communicating the Gospel with truth and relational appeal yet without all the cultural compromises. EVERYONE should view this film.”
–Dr. Jon Swanson; Collegiate Minister with Missions Door, Portland, OR

“I spent 37 years teaching, all but 1 in rural and public schools, and all I can say is WOW!! What a great film.”
–Mick Pierce, Retired High School Teacher, Lincoln Nebraska

“Heartfelt and engaging. The last 20 minutes are absolutely riveting!”
–Dr. Matt Mitchell, The Potter’s Hand Bible Church, Apex, NC

“A Matter of Faith encourages every Christian to engage in the conversation of origins using biblical truth as their basis for dialogue.”
–Ken Floyd, Executive Ministry Director for the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches

“A Matter of Faith presents compelling truths. I would encourage every thinking person to see this film, regardless of your world-view.”
–Mike Proud, Director of SBC Missions, Orange County, CA

“Inspiring! Families will love—and talk about—this Creator-honoring drama. It pulls the rug out from under the religion of evolution!”
–Dale Mason, Publisher, Answers Magazine

“A Matter of Faith is very powerful. The last 20 minutes was so well said and put in a clear wonderful perspective. It’s truly intriguing!”
–Mark Belin, CEO/Creative, Be Design, Los Angeles, CA

“My wife and I found this movie excellent in many ways. We hope many will watch it and see that as Christians we need to be prepared with answers.”
–Mike Riddle, President, Creation Training Initiative, KY

“I enjoyed watching the film. Has a great message to wake up and be informed and a call for boldness to believers. Also, thought provoking for fence sitters.”
–Kim Swerdfeger, Sponsor, Bakersfield, CA

“Great film. I believe this is a powerful conviction tool for Christians and a powerful “make you think” tool for non-Christians.”
–Robert Siebert, Minister, Hayesville, NC

“Thank you so much for sending this to me. My wife and I sincerely loved it. It is a powerful witness for our Creator and I know He will use this movie for His Glory. I am excited to be a part of this movie in our community. This is a subject that is dear to my heart.”
–Kirk Bennett, Sponsoring Group, Ft. Wayne, IN

“You hit it out of the ballpark!”
–Tom Smith, Sponsoring Group, Ontario, Canada

“Loved the film!! You did a great job presenting the heart of the issue. Great movie for Christians and non-Christians! Good mix of humor and storyline with a solid Gospel message. The evolution debate is especially thought provoking and clearly shows the current misrepresentation in the schools.”
–Rich Seyna, Journey Christian Church, Rochester NY

“This movie is powerful, moving, heartwarming and thought provoking. Most importantly, it sends a message that is Christ centered! Every Christian and non-Christian needs to see it!.”
–Michael Brown, Lake Alfred, FL

“I just finished watching it and I loved it. Wow! I can’t wait to get involved.”
–Donna Maher, Las Vegas, NV

“As a father, a grandfather and a pastor this movie, “A Matter of Faith,” is a great teaching tool for parents and children. There are moments in the movie for tears and laughter, with a greater desire to make Jesus Christ your Lord, no matter what the price. I loved it!”
Allan Hunsperger, Pastor, Edmonton, Canada

“Outstanding job! The movie was excellent. It was inspiring, and very impacting.”!
Tim Jackson, Oklahoma City, OK

“I just watched the preview of A Matter of Faith. I had high expectations for the movie, and I must say that those expectations were not only met, but they paled in comparison to the blessing that I received from it.”
–Debbi Stafford, Columbia, MO

“Just finished watching the movie. It was Christ honoring, Christ claiming and Christ proclaiming from start to finish! Well done.”
–Jeremy Mickelson, Sponsoring Group, Warner Robins, GA